Kurjam live muusika

KURJAMI Bird attract call

All problems will be solved on March 11 in the rock club Barbar, where the BIRD ATTRACT CALL will be held – both spring and all the party-hungry chicks will come. Kurjam asked to add here that we “attract the spring birds back home with honey-sweet music”. LET THE PARTY BEGIN

Gunnar Graps elas meie tänavas
Pohmakaga tööl
Kuumalaine Stroomi rannas
Raske lapsepõlv
Surm tappis ära

1 more band will heat up the spring (to be announced soon)

The bar opens its doors at 16:00
Ticket sales start at 21:00
The warm-up will be performed at 22:30
Kurjam performs at 23:30
Ticket 1H/MM 13€, later 15€

See you on Friday, February 17!


11 Mar 2023


20:00 - 23:55


15.00 €