KILLHALL’s “SKULLSPLITTER” plays with carefully selected thoughts. For us, “I want to confront” and “this is my conscious choice” are not mere platitudes. After all, there will be either appeasement or a declaration of war. With this album, Killhall wishes its listeners the strength to stand up against inequality and bullying, equipping you with one huge invisible middle finger to wave at those who think they are better than you – back straight – I AM!
“…now let’s split some skulls…”
“Fear Shaped Man” https://youtu.be/Ka5jtFKGLVs
“For You Brother This Bullet” https://youtu.be/h6PUyOg7PDk
“Delirium Tremens” video tba 03.2023
The first concert in the history of the melodic death band VIMM. The writer of this text has already heard the band’s demos and knows how hard it is. Vimm has taken the matter seriously and is not consciously publishing songs so soon, so the only chance is to hear and see their immediate metal on April 14 in Barbari. Vimm is Tanel (vox), Alex (guitar), Kaspar (guitar), PB (drums), Dima (bass)
METAL DJ ERIC HUTCHENCE is coming all the way from Tbilisi, Georgia (yes, he’s flying in specifically for this event) to play an evening of juicy metal mixes before and after the bands. The Georgia Wacken Metal Battle organizer sent you a message: “Get ready to headbang!”
16:00 Doors
20:00 Start of the event
21:00 Metal DJ Eric Hutchence (GE)
22:00 Vimm (melodic death, EST)
23:00 Killhall (melodic deathrash, FIN/EST)
00:00 Metal DJ Eric Hutchence (GE)

Ticket 1st hour / with Barbar client card €13, later €15
PS! “Skullsplitter” digital record & Killhall merch will be on sale at the concert
Design / artwork #blackbelatattoo
See ya at the pit!


14 Apr 2023


20:00 - 23:55


15.00 €