Harley Evandari Soololava 2

Harley Evandari “Soololava” teine üritus, kuna eelmine meeldis artistidele ja publikule nii võrd palju 🙂
🎼 Silmapaistev trubaduur Harley Evandar juhatab Barbari uut üritustesarja SOOLOLAVA, kus on esinema oodatud kõik üksikartistid! Tule & laota oma hing meie lavalaudadele (palume alandlikult verd vaibale mitte tilgutada) 🙂
🎼 SOOLOLAVA is an event for solo artists curated by a talented young singeress Harley Evandar. Barbar awaits you to come and share a piece of your musician soul (and to pick that piece up from the floor before you leave, mkay) on our creaky stage 🙂
🪗 Getter Hallikmäe – I write my songs about what has touched my soul. Melody has been with me since I was a child. If I ask others to say one word about my music, that word is “warm”. I am attracted by very different styles of music, from classical and country to rock. But the main thing is that what you do is fun for you. Then the listeners will also have a good time.
🪗 Sarah Jane is a singer-songwriter from the UK, temporarily studying in Tallinn. She draws inspiration from Neo-soul, indie and folk as well as doing jazz/soul covers of pop songs.
🪗 Timur Mazitov is a Tallinn-based singer-songwriter and a storyteller. Originally he is from Kazan, Russia and counting from now he lives in Estonia about 10 years. Timur writes music to the Estonian-written poems and to the texts in other languages, as well, also he creates his own songs in English. He grows up from different styles but now Timur Mazitov deals mainly with Estonian and other countries folk music, secular medieval music and folk-rock.
🪗 Metslind – Estonian singer-songwriter and indie artist who recently released her personal debut EP in Estonian, called “Ole, lihtsalt ole”.
And last but not least your SUPERCOOL host:
🪗 Harley Evandar – if I can be honest, I don’t always know what to say. But I always know which song to play. My guitar has been following me for many years on the road, in France, then in the streets of Prague, and now in Estonia. Playing is the only thing I know how to do, and the only thing I want to do in my life. It brings people together, gives and takes emotions, allows to communicate without depending on a language. Music is everywhere. Radios, TV, of course, but also in the noise of traffic, the gentle whisper of the wind and the rhythm of our hearts. Every sound tells a story. And this night, every performer has a story to tell too. Each one of them will share their emotions and the melody in their heart, each adding a page to that chapter. Will you come and write the book with us?”
16:00 Pubi uksed avanevad / pub doors open
20:00 Ürituse algus /event start
21:00 Harley
21:30 Sarah
22:00 Getter
22:30 Metslind
23:00 Timur
23:00 Harley
Sissepääs / entrance:
5€ või maksa rohkem, kui jaksad (toetad nõnda sellise ürituse jätkamise võimalikkust)
5€ or pay more if you can (doing that you let us organise this event again and again and… well you got it 😃)
Soovid ka esinema tulla? So you wanna play also?
👉 Harley kontakt / contact harley.evandar@gmail.com (sul võib vabalt ka ainult 1 lugu olla / for you to apply even 1 song is enough)


02 märts 2023


19:00 - 23:55


5.00 €